Confirmation is the work of God through the whole community of faith.

Youth confirmation is a part of a life long process of assurance and strengthening of baptismal faith



What you can expect

Here at St Paul, we believe that nurturing faith is primarily the responsibility of the household and Parents. Our Confirmation Ministry aims to support families in this. The Confirmation Journey is an 18-month commitment which includes:


1. Parent-Student Events

Eight parent-student events of approximately 1.5 hours in length involving a variety of learning methods and activities. At least one parent is requested to attend each event and participate with them.

2. Mentor-Student Event

Eight mentor-student events which take place on Sundays after worship and are 45 minutes in length. These will support the same topics as covered in parent-student events.

3. F.A.I.T.H Materials

A series of Faith Acts in the Home material for families to use at home. The hope is that families will spend 20 minutes a week discussing, exploring and praying together on these topics.

4. Mentoring

Each student is asked to seek out an adult from the congregation to be their encourager, guide, friend and prayer support. Mentors will be encouraged to attend the Mentor-student sessions and develop a relationship with them in other ways.

5. Worship Participation

Students are asked to attend worship regularly, keep a journal of attendance and participation. Ways they can participate can include powerpoint, bible and prayer reading, ushering and tea and coffee service among others.


6. Prepare a Faith Statement.

Students will use their varied gifts to create an expression of their faith.


Download a Worship Journal

Martin Luther

"God doesn't love us because of our worth, we are of worth because God loves us"